Returning Library Items

Book Drops

Library West

Library West (on University Avenue) has a drive-up book drop in the parking lot on the East side of the building, facing Anderson Hall. Maps and images are provided below.

Aerial view of Library West, featuring the book drop in proximity to University Avenue

Health Science Center Library

The Health Science Center Library has an exterior book drop near the West Entrance to the Biomedical Sciences Building, as noted below. The street-side book drop is currently open.

Returning Materials by Mail

If you will not be returning to campus, please make arrangements to mail material back to the University of Florida on or before the current due date listed on your library account.

Pack returns in a box or padded mailer. Please pad the box with packing materials (bunched up papers, bubble wrap, packing peanuts etc.) to secure the items for transit. If you are returning media items, such as DVDs or CDs; pack these items separate from books and wrap them in bubble wrap in addition to padding the box to prevent damage during shipping.

Make sure the shipping label and Library address is the only shipping information visible, and write on the box “Library Return“. Send the items by UPS, FedEx or Priority Mail with a return receipt and enclose a packing list. We recommend these shipping providers because they provide tracking, and will ensure that your returns arrive at the library in a timely manner so staff can efficiently remove the loans from your library account.

Ship to:
University of Florida
Library West Circulation
1545 West University Avenue
Building 689, Room 134
Shipping and Receiving
Gainesville, FL 32611-7001