Borrowing Policies

Borrowing Policies

Want to know how to borrow, renew, and return library items? Learn more about our policies by looking at our Borrowing Policies page.

Borrower Privileges

Your affiliation with the University of Florida designates how many library items you can borrow, and for how long. Learn more by looking at our Borrower Statuses page.

Confidentiality of Patron Records

Library circulation records are confidential information. Library staff will not provide any circulation or account information to anyone but the account holder, unless required by law.

Library Computer Use Policy

Users of library computers must comply with the University’s Acceptable Use Policy for computing resources, with applicable contracts including software licenses, and with applicable local, state, and federal laws.

General Public Policies

Welcome, visitors! Learn more about your library resources as a visitor at the George A. Smathers Libraries

User Conduct in the Libraries

The George A. Smathers Libraries strive to provide an environment that supports the needs and activities of our patrons. Patrons are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that promotes a safe and pleasant atmosphere. Visit our Conduct page at the link below for more information.