Replacement Policies


Lost Item Replacement Policy

The libraries are responsible for managing a large collection of state owned materials and must provide an incentive for these materials to be returned in a timely manner. If you fail to return or renew library items until after the due date has passed, the libraries will declare the materials "lost" and begin replacement procedures. We will attempt to quickly replace each lost item with an exact copy, an updated edition, or a similar title.

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Borrower’s Responsibilities

The libraries only send emails to GatorLink addresses. Borrowers are responsible for renewal and return of materials to avoid incurring fines and fees. Borrowers should check their email frequently for correspondence from the libraries.

  • The libraries send email notices for overdue, lost, and recalled materials.
  • The libraries are not responsible for the borrower’s failure to receive notices.
  • Regardless of the amount of fines, fees, and charges that a borrower pays, all library materials remain property of the state of Florida.
    • Materials cannot be purchased from the library. Paying the replacement cost does not entitle the borrower to keep the lost library copy or the replacement copy purchased.
  • To ensure condition and accuracy of the replacement materials, the libraries only purchase replacement copies from trusted book vendors.
    • The libraries will not accept replacement copies purchased and supplied by the borrower.

Lost Item Replacement Policy

If you return an item that has been declared lost before a replacement copy has been ordered, the replacement charge for the item can be waived from your account, provided the item is returned within 90 days of the billing date. If you return the lost item after a replacement copy has been ordered, the replacement charge will not be waived. If you have received hourly or daily overdue fines, first overdue charge, or processing charge; those charges will not be refunded.

The total replacement charges include the cost of replacing and processing the item to return to the library shelves.

Types of Charges

First Overdue Charge

The culmination of daily or hourly overdue fines. This charge is applied after the item is 20 days overdue for most materials.

Processing Charge

$35.00 fine for material processing, charged after 20 days overdue for most materials.

Replacement Charge

Depending on the item and library location: $65, $100 or actual cost to replace the lost item.
May be eligible for refund

Damaged Item Replacement Policy

Borrowers are responsible for the cost of any items damaged while on loan to their account. When borrowing items from the libraries, you should inspect the items for damage and alert the library personnel during check-out. Items are considered damaged if:

  • The item is wet and/or moldy.
  • The item is damaged by food or drink stains.
  • The item is missing pages or covers.
  • The item contains markings, highlighting, written commentary and notes.
  • Any other abuse that renders the material damaged will also be billed.

Appeals of Library Fines and Fees

Library Fine/ Fee Appeals

If you think that library has made an error that resulted in an unwarranted charge on your account, or if you have any extenuating circumstances that made it difficult to renew or return library materials on time, you may file an appeal. The library will assess the appeal; and charges may be upheld, reduced or waived. To file an appeal, please submit the Refund Request Form within 90 days of the billing date.

The following are NOT generally regarded as valid reasons to waive or reduce fines:

  • Forgetting or not knowing due dates, amounts of fines, or Library policies.
  • Disagreeing with fee structure or Library policies.
  • Loaning the item to another person, or borrowing materials for another person.
  • Being too busy or being out of town.
  • Claiming that you needed the item more than another borrower, or that you were not done with the item.
  • Not receiving or reading the library notices and emails sent your GatorLink account.
  • Transportation problems.
  • Financial problems.