Recall Policy

The George A. Smathers Libraries at the University of Florida have a vast amount of items that are available for check out. It is easy to forget that our resources are limited in that we usually only have one or two copies of any given title. When you check out an item from the Libraries you are given a due date by which you must either return or renew the book. Faculty members have a six month loan period while undergraduate students, graduate students and staff have 8 weeks.

What is a recall?

In order to allow every borrower access to a title in our collection in a reasonable amount of time, everyone has the ability to recall an item that is on loan by clicking on the "Request" link next to a title in the library catalog. Clicking the link will start the recall process, which shortens the due date of the requested item for the current borrower prompting an earlier return. The item is then made available to the borrower who requested the item.

Why did my due date change?

When another borrower clicks the “Request” button in the library catalog for a title you have loaned, a recall due date will generate for that item. Once the item is requested, the libraries send you an email to let you know what your new due date is. Since some of our loan periods are very long, the new recall due date is most likely sooner than the original due date. The new due date will be set as 2 weeks from the date the item is requested.

What if I still need the book?

Request it in the

Library Catalog

You can always go into the library catalog, and click the “Request” link, which will put you in line for the title once it is returned. You can also ask a staff member to put a hold on the book when you return it.

Borrow it from another library

Interlibrary Loan

Borrow books, DVDs, periodicals and more from InterLibrary Loan. Click on the link below for more information!

borrow it from another library


Borrow a book from another institution in the State of Florida by using the Statewide Library Catalog. Click on the link below for more information!

What are the fines for returning a recalled item late?

While you are welcome to keep a recalled book until your new due date, the libraries encourage that you return it sooner if you are done with your research so that the borrower who requested the title can get access to the item. Recalled items have an accelerated fine and replacement schedule. The fine is $1.00 per day for 5 days. On the 6th day, you will be charged the Delinquent Overdue Charge of $35.00. Shortly after that, the libraries will charge you for the cost of replacing that item. None of these charges are refundable. Please see our Overdue Fines and Fees page for more information.

Check your GatorLink email often for correspondence from the libraries and/or check your library account often. Return books if you are planning on traveling unless you are prepared to mail materials back to the libraries or have someone return library items on your behalf.

If I get charged for the cost of a book, can I keep it?

No. All library materials are the property of the State of Florida. The libraries paid for the item on loan to you. Any overdue fines you were charged pays for the replacement of that item so it can go back in our Collections. The item is replaced at the time that you are billed. Recalled items are billed at an accelerated rate so that the person waiting to borrow the title after it is returned does not have to wait too long.