Non-Enrolled Student Policy

Are you off for a Semester?

Students are only eligible for undergraduate or graduate student library privileges if they are enrolled in classes at the University of Florida. However, the Libraries recognize that students may take a semester-long break from classes. Read below to learn about library privileges during your break.

If you are not enrolled in the current semester, but you have completed advanced registration for the upcoming semester, the libraries will extend your borrowing privileges if your account is not flagged or blocked.

remember to

Register for next semester

Remain aware of all dates and deadlines for advanced and regular registration to avoid lapses in library access

Request to

Update your Library Account

Contact Library staff if you are taking off a semester, registered for an upcoming semester and would like to keep your library privileges.

If you are unable to complete advanced or regular registration, you should plan to enroll for at least one credit for the current semester to maintain library privileges.

  • This may include Graduate students working on their dissertations, as well as students finishing assignments for classes in which they received an Incomplete.

Other options:

Options for students who are not currently enrolled and who have not yet registered for an upcoming semester: