General Public Policies

Accessing the Libraries

The George A. Smathers Libraries are open to the public and we welcome all visitors and community borrowers to browse the collections and access library materials during the hours listed below.

General Public Visiting Hours

Library Location Monday-Thursday Friday saturday sunday
Library West 8 AM-10 PM 8 AM-10 PM 9 AM-10 PM 10 AM-10 PM
Marston Science Library 8 AM-10 PM 8 AM-10 PM 10 AM-6 PM 10 AM-10 PM
Architecture & Fine Arts Library 8 AM-10 PM 8 AM-5 PM 1 PM-5 PM 2 PM-10 PM
Education Library 8 AM-10 PM 8 AM-5 PM 1 PM-5 PM 2 PM-10 PM
Health Science Center Library 7 AM-11:30 PM 7:30 AM-7 PM 8 AM-5 PM 1 PM-11:30 PM

The libraries’ opening and closing times vary throughout the year due to observance of holidays and the University of Florida Academic Calendar. Refer to the Libraries Hours page for any changes to the libraries’ normal hours of operations.

Accessing Library Computers

Guest GatorLink Account

As a visitor, you can request a guest GatorLink account at any George A. Smathers Libraries service desk to use our guest computers during our general public visiting hours. Present your photo ID and proof of current address to the service desk staff member.

We will require the following for our records:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address

The guest GatorLink account will remain active for 7 days. When your GatorLink account expires, you may request that a service desk staff member create a new one for you.

  • You cannot borrow library materials or access electronic resources and library databases remotely (“off-campus”) with a guest GatorLink account.
  • Libraries may restrict guest computer access to designated computer workstations.
  • You must comply with the George A. Smathers Libraries Computer Use Policy and UF’s Acceptable Use Policy. Any breach or violation of these agreements will result in the loss of computer and/or library privileges.

Receiving Special Borrowers’ Privileges

If you are interested in borrowing materials from the Libraries and getting on-site access to library computers without having to request a 7-day guest GatorLink account, the Libraries offer borrowing privileges to the general public for the following fees:

Fees for Special Borrowers’ Privileges

4 months 1 year
General Public $40 $100
Member of the UF Alumni Association or Howe Society $30 $75
*These fees are fixed and cannot be prorated to accommodate longer or shorter time rates. . .
  • If the application is approved, you will be notified when you can receive your library-issued Special Borrower’s card.
  • Cards can picked up at the Library West circulation desk.
  • Payment for the borrower’s fee is due at the time of receipt, and must be made in the form of check or money order made payable to the University of Florida.
  • Upon receipt of the Special Borrower’s card, you will also be required to sign and complete the UF Community Borrowers Terms and Conditions agreement in order to signify that you accept all UF Special Borrower circulation policies.

Renewing Borrowing Privileges

Resubmit the online application in order to request a renewal of your Special Borrowers Privileges. You must be in good standing with the library, and there must be no outstanding financial obligations or evidence of borrowing abuse. Requests for renewals may be denied if the applicant has been found in breach or violation of University or Libraries policies.

Apply for Special Borrowers Privileges

Complete the online application linked below. Processing of applications may take up to 3 business days.